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It’s not always possible or feasible to buy new. Here’s where you can renew your equipment without huge costs.

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Refurbishment of Used Machines and Spare Parts

Replacing your equipment? Need one specific machine to stay? With LK NEXT, you can sell us your old equipment for refurbishment and sale.

Services in Detail

  • Refurbishment of parts and machinery under tight expert supervision – from one computer to an industrial machine, we will make sure not only to locate the right parts, but also to repair and refurbish your machine, to keep your production running.
  • Full project accompaniment – from renewing your chassis to selling to an end customer – the ability to refurbish an existing machine also gives you the option to turn it into a product for resale.
  • Cost-savings, quality, and performance optimization – We provide you not only with operational flexibility, but we can also adapt MRB processes to each of your suppliers. This allows you to make decisions about your products and ensure they meet your company’s standards.
  • Ability to repair machines in Israel and worldwide – Whether you’re a small business or a global corporation, you can benefit from our parts location and repair services, around the world.
  • Full transparency – In management and execution of processes. You will not only know what we did, but how we did it, if we encountered problems and how we solved them – so the service you get is absolutely precise. Penetrating new markets – By refurbishing, buying and selling old machines you can create new business opportunities and reach out to new target audiences.

Answers to your questions

  • Do you only buy faulty machines or repair them too?

    We work in both areas – we can help you with repair, including purchase of the necessary parts and liaising with the relevant service providers around the world, as well as buying faulty equipment, refurbishing, upgrading and selling it.

  • Do you repair all types of machines?

    Levanon Kogan’s specialty is in the world of digital print and semi-conductors. However, we can make almost any production line operational, based on your specifications. You’re welcome to talk to us, and we’d be glad to help.

  • Are your solutions available only in Israel?

    Levanon Kogan has branches in Holland and the United States, as well as our business partners who provide solutions worldwide. So we can be able to provide you – and your customers – the service you need.

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