Defense & Military Equipment

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  • Ministry of Defense certified supplier – Levanon Kogan has vast experience in working with all security industries
  • Unlimited volume – Whether you need a small amount of equipment or huge weights of cargo, you will benefit from delivery and dispatch solutions adapted especially to your needs – all under one roof
  • Operation-oriented – If you need critical equipment for important operations, you will receive immediate response
  • Location and import of obsolete items – Military and security systems are not often replaced, and there is an ongoing need for maintenance and renewal of older equipment. We will locate the last inventories of discontinued items, components and accessories to repair existing systems.
  • Acquisition of all types of hazardous materials – Solids, gas, or liquids, on all levels of combustion and flammability – all subject to regulation and in adherence with the strictest of safety standards for dispatch and separation under the required temperatures.

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