Hard Metals Packaging

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  • Mechanics and Engineering solutions – The suppliers we work with specialize in mechanics and engineering solutions for outfitting and machining in the following areas: print/3D industries, semiconductors, communications, military and medical equipment, optical equipment, information booths and more.
  • Global leaders – All the suppliers we work with are considered leaders in their field, and specialize in all stages of production from planning to model execution and serial manufacturing based on requirements and specifications.
  • Innovative equipment on the highest standard – We have the most advanced modern equipment that complies with the strictest regulations. Our machines and equipment are computerized and include – 3-5 axis CNC machines, laser cutting machines, waterjet cutting, drilling and CNC bending.
  • Raw materials – The most frequently used materials in our work are metals (stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper), plastic, and rubber.
  • Advanced Technologies – Our suppliers specialize in a variety of advanced technologies such as: extrusion (including post processing), erosion (including post-processing), casting (including post processing), and vacuum forming.

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