Our desire to provide full service for your entire logistics array led to the establishment of LK PRO, which helps you connect all the parts into one whole product.

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Kit assembly, performed in a challenging and dynamic business environment

We know that the products you need do not always come fully assembled. LK PRO is the service that allows you not only to import the parts, but also to assemble and send them directly to you (or your end customer), all under one rooftop.

Services in Detail

  • Our experienced teams can manage thousands of tasks in a range of complexity levels – so that even if you need assembly of advanced machinery, we know how to collect the parts from around the world, build kits with everything required, and of course, assemble them at our facilities.
  • Uncompromising quality throughout the entire production process – You guarantee your clients the best – and we make sure you get it. From locating the parts to the final product, the assembly process is subject to strict supervision, maintaining all highest quality standards.
  • Engineering team with vast hands-on experience is ready to arrive quickly to assure your requirements are fully carried out.
  • Advanced technological systems allow you to monitor the quantities as well as serial numbers for each and every kit.
  • Maximum flexibility – we know that in today’s world, needs change rapidly, and are agile enough to respond to fluctuation in demand as well as engineering changes.

Answers to your questions

  • Do you only prepare the kits or do you also assemble them?

    You can choose either of two options – send us your kit requirements, we’ll collect them subject to configuration control and send them to you for assembly; or we collect and assemble on our premises. The kits we assemble are used for upgrades to existing machinery, maintenance, or upgrading your production line.

  • How do I know that assembly adheres to instructions?

    Each kit has an organized work procedure with drafts and instructions, so that every kit is assembled like the others, with maximum precision.

  • What controls do you implement on the process?

    Levanon Kogan employs quality controllers who walk the production line, examine the work against the plans and supervise the client’s requests. We are ISO-9001 certified, and are thus committed to the highest quality. In addition, we believe in full transparency and invite our clients to conduct audits at our facilities.

  • What happens if there’s a flaw in one of the kits?

    We work at a 99.9% precision level, so flaws and failures are extremely rare. However, if there is a problem, we use a standard quality control procedure which includes in-depth analysis of all failures. You will have a representative to update you on the products and handle your claim under full transparency.

  • What kind of warranty is there on the kits?

    All components of the kit are guaranteed by the manufacturer, who provides a warranty on the parts.

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