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As today’s world becomes faster, more demanding and less predictable, creativity is no longer a luxury – it’s crucial for survival. All manufacturers face the same demands: deliver faster and at a lower cost, but at a higher level of quality while ensuring constant innovation. We know you devote all your energies in providing your customers with the finest results, and we’re here to help you achieve that. At LK we believe that in order to stay competitive in the procurement game, you have to be bold, creative and resourceful. That’s why we’re inviting you to collaborate in discarding that extra weight that can hinder a project, and grow the wings that will enable your organization to soar to success.

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For over six decades we have played a key role in the success of Israel’s leading industries. As part of the Fritz Group, Levanon Kogan is one of the largest procurement and supply chain management companies in the country. We specialize in supplying to the army and various defense industries, as well as semiconductor industries, among many others. With five logistic centers comprising over 45,000 square meter of storage, we offer accessible, fast and convenient service – nationwide. We have about 3,000 active suppliers who can give you the fastest and highest quality solutions for the products you need. Our experience and connections help us buy and sell around the world, making it easy to find the inventory you need.

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