Special team for end-to-end procurement tasks.
we will find what you need in the shortest time frame, at the highest quality and the lowest price.

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Special team for end-to-end procurement tasks

Whether you need one lamp, millions of screws or the most sophisticated computer – we will find what you need in the shortest time frame, at the highest quality and the lowest price.

Services in Detail

  • Our veteran team has decades of experience, and the technical and technological know-how to get you what you need.
  • We are experts in sourcing – Quick and attractive solutions for locating items by using the contacts and knowledge we have accumulated over years.
  • Access to inventories in a wide range of fields: electronic components, communication equipment, chemicals, optics, pneumatics, mechanics, technical equipment and metals
  • Global Deployment – Procurement offices in the US, the Far East and Europe, so we can find what you need easily and safely dispatch it from one side of the world to the other.
  • Experts in End Of Life (EOL) Sourcing – Ability to locate “Lost” and discontinued Inventory and provide consultation regarding component replacement if necessary.
  • Full and accurate tracking, so you always know your inventory and when to top up, we offer a dedicated computerized system that allows for simple and accessible online tracking.
  • Security is in our DNA – Our team is not only comprised of veterans from military units and industries, we have specialized in these systems, their special requirements and the need to provide uncompromising service to these fields.

Ohh, and there is more

  • Computers and electronic components – From an active or passive electronic component to a sophisticated innovative computer system.
  • Light bulbs and electric equipment – lamps, fuses, cables and unique electric equipment.
  • Hazardous materials and security equipment – safe, cost-effective and rapid import of all security needs under the most stringent of standards.
  • Machining and metalwork – mechanics works and engineering solutions for machining and outfitting systems.
  • Fasteners and components – We use a variety of inventory management methods to manage your fastener supply, in compliance with military and aeronautic standards.

Answers to your questions

  • I need to buy a computer for my factory, that is no longer being manufactured. How can you help me?

    One of our specialties is locating end-of-life (EOL) items, of which there are only a few around the world, stored somewhere overseas. Many companies often keep small inventories that are no longer marketable – but which may be just what you need. The contacts and connections we’ve accumulated over the years will help you find what you need and ensure it arrives under full guarantee.

  • Can I buy single items through you?

    Certainly – you can buy single items as well as complete inventories for large industries – it all depends on your needs. This is an opportunity for you to promote procurement that is rapid, concentrated and efficient – for everything you need.

  • I’m the logistics officer at a combat unit – can I buy directly from you?

    Certainly! We’re not only MOD certified, we also supply purchase and logistics services to the IDF and the military industries on a regular basis. Please note – this does not only mean security equipment, through us you can procure services from companies that are not MOD certified – all subject to your organization’s regulations.

  • How do I know how much inventory I have left?

    You don’t have to guess – we provide you with a simple, easy to understand computer system you can use to monitor your inventory. We will manage your inventory so that you are alerted when further procurement is necessary, and we manage emergency inventory so that you don’t have to monitor it yourselves.

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